What is an RV Park?

A recreational vehicle park, also known as an RV Park, is a place where people with recreational vehicles can stay overnight or longer. RV Parks commonly offer utility hookups including AC power, drinking water, sewer, television, telephone, and wifi internet access. They may also include facilities like gyms, swimming pools, laundry, and common areas.

A wide range of RV parks exists, from rustic facilities with limited or no utility hookups, to resorts with amenities that rival luxury hotels. Some high-end resorts restrict the types of RVs that can stay with them.

Most RV parks are open to all, and typically rent spaces on a nightly or weekly basis. A few parks operate under a time-sharing agreement. Some membership campground networks operate like clubs, where members pay an initial membership fee and annual dues.

Most RV parks in the United States are independent or operated by a government entity. Kampgrounds of America (KOA) is the largest and best-known chain of RV parks in the country. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resorts is the distant second. Overnight rates for most RV parks in the U.S. range from $15 to $50. However, some in-city and country parks may be $10 or less, or even free.

How Do We Help RV Park Owners?

The Newport Pacific Family of Companies has been providing first-class RV park management for over 30 years. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have the years of experience necessary to operate any RV park. Our main goal is to efficiently increase the value of your community. With Newport Pacific as your property management company, we will use our expertise to improve overall operational efficacy, market presence, and client satisfaction — all while increasing property value. As a company, we help businesses with the establishment of an activities program, implementation of online reservation software, and budget preparation.

Additional Services Include

  • Accounting and financial services
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Budgeting and variance review
  • Cash flow management
  • Environmental and regulatory reporting
  • Facility staffing, including hiring, training, and payroll
  • Legal support
  • Online reservation system
  • Oversight of marina operations personnel
  • Purchasing and inventory control
  • Receiver interim management
  • Risk management
  • Strategic business planning

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