What is a Mobile Home Park?

Mobile Home Parks, also known as mobile home communities, manufactured home communities, or factory-built home communities, are land lease communities that allow homeowners to rent space on which to place a home. In addition to providing space, these sites often provide basic utilities such as water, sewer, electricity, or natural gas. They also include other amenities such as mowing, garbage removal, community rooms, pools, and playgrounds.

Mobile home parks range in size from 5 to over 1,000 home sites. Although most parks appeal to meeting basic housing needs, some communities specialize in certain segments of the market. These include retirement communities with age restrictions, and seasonal communities located in popular vacation destinations (or used as a location for summer homes).

Newer factory-built homes found in today’s mobile home parks tend to be built to much higher standards than their predecessors and meet the building codes applicable to most areas. This has led to a reduction in the rate of value depreciation of most used units. Additionally, modern homes tend to be built from materials similar to those used in site-built homes. They’re also more likely to physically resemble site-built homes.

Another recent trend within mobile home parks is that the homeowner can own the lot on which their unit is parked. Some of these communities simply provide land, but others are operated more like condominiums. These include club homes complete with swimming pools and meeting rooms that are shared by all the residents, who are required to pay membership fees and dues.

How Do We Help Mobile Home Park Owners?

The Newport Pacific Family of Companies has been providing first-class mobile home park management for over 30 years. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have the years of experience necessary to operate any mobile home park. Our main goal is to efficiently increase the value of your community. With Newport Pacific as your property management company, we will use our expertise to improve overall operational efficacy, market presence, and client satisfaction — all while increasing property value. As a company, we help businesses with the establishment of an activities program, implementation of online reservation software, and budget preparation.

Additional Services Include

  • Accounting and financial services
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Budgeting and variance review
  • Cash flow management
  • Environmental and regulatory reporting
  • Facility staffing, including hiring, training, and payroll
  • Legal support
  • Online reservation system
  • Oversight of marina operations personnel
  • Purchasing and inventory control
  • Receiver interim management
  • Risk management
  • Strategic business planning

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