Four Tiers of Management

We have four tiers of management eyes on each project: The on-site Property Managers, the Regional Manager, the Vice President of Operations, and the Principals. Our management depth, availability, and project involvement cannot be overstated. The Regional Managers have an average of 10 years each with Newport Pacific, as well as intimate knowledge of and responsibility for each of their communities. They review the properties frequently, both with scheduled and unscheduled visits. Furthermore, we have special communication systems available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case of emergencies. The two Principals of Newport Pacific are actively involved with each and every asset, and participate in the review process. Many outside service providers tell us that the level of involvement by our principals is practically unheard of!

Industry Leaders

The Principals and Officers at Newport Pacific make up some of the most prominent leaders in our industry, both at state and national levels. We don’t just subscribe to industry publications, or simply pay our membership dues to relevant associations. We regularly speak at various industry conferences around the country, write articles for industry publications, and are active engaged participants on various association boards. Newport Pacific is on the front lines of most industry change and can protect, position, and enhance the properties we manage accordingly.

Buying Power and Reduced Expenses

Newport Pacific manages over 80 manufactured home communities (of which we own 5) and we provide services for numerous mobile home park associations, non-profit organizations, and municipalities. The size of our company provides ever-increasing buying power. We make our cost effect insurance umbrella and coverage available to our clients as one potential means of reducing insurance expenses. Once on site, we nearly always reduce the park expenses through improved operational efficiencies. Additionally, we bring all of our industry relationships and vendor resources to each property who we know move quickly, economically, and with accountability to participate in the bidding process for a Newport Pacific job.

Political Insight and Acumen

We are a very politically astute company in a politically endangered industry. The state of California is, without dispute, at the forefront of most mobile home park industry legislation, litigation, and trends. Newport Pacific is on the leading edge of most California industry changes which, in turn, sets much of the nationwide precedent.

Employee Loyalty and Dedication

Our people make our company stand out among the rest. They have depth and dedication. Our twelve regional managers each have specific specialties and strengths. They visit each others properties, providing a check and balance system and ensuring smooth vacation coverage. Many of our on-site managers have been with us for more than 10 years. We provide all our staff with excellent formal training programs and individual job-specific training. Newport Pacific garners a family-like culture that fosters an unusual loyalty and dedication to its vision and mission: “Teamwork Creating Successful Communities” and “To Develop Communities to Their Highest Potential”, respectively.

Internal Controls

Newport Pacific’s internal controls are unmatched. Bradford Consulting, an outside operations analyst/auditor, has been hired by outside financial institutions to audit our books and internal controls. Bradford Consulting recognized Newport Pacific for the professional manner in which the financial information for the properties is maintained by the accounting and operational staff. Additionally, they recognized our company for using automated accounting as a critical management tool to efficiently manage an income-producing property, and for having in-house financial and operational records maintained in excellent order, with complete records being maintained to support and substantiate transactions made.

Policy and Procedure Manual

Each property has a policy and procedures manual within arm’s reach of the on-site manager. This enables the onsite managers to effectively address any issue or emergency in a moment’s time – citing code, CC&Rs, or rule enforcements in a proper and lawful procedure.


We post an Ombudsman sign at each property with our toll-free number, should the residents need to voice their concerns directly to the management company. We encourage their calls when it seems that an impasse has been reached between them and the on-site managers. Three corporate ombudsmen are available to listen to their concerns, diffuse mounting issues, and ensure that appropriate measures are taken.

Our Promise

Newport Pacific promises park owners the management transition will be as smooth as possible. With our extensive experience at management takeover, we have developed checklists and procedures for efficient information transfer. We take your business personally. We know how to work closely with homeowner associations, board members, and residents through the entire transition. Most of all, we make sure that the residents and managers understand that the same people who have been in charge of the park all along – the owners – will remain in charge.

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